Fitted Wardrobes in New Malden

Built-in wardrobes can help most bedrooms get a relaxed and calming environment that’s perfect for getting a restful night’s sleep. They give you somewhere to store all of your clothes and other belongings while taking up very little space. But what if your bedroom features sloping ceilings that make a standard fitted wardrobe a little difficult.

That’s where NOK Interiors can come in, helping you get your perfect fitted wardrobes in New Malden without having to remodel your entire room. Working with top German supplier, Raumplus of sliding wardrobe doors, we use innovative sloping doors that work with any space, whether your bedroom is up in the loft, or perhaps with your wardrobes tucked under a staircase.
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About our Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Our sliding wardrobe doors for your New Malden home aren’t just perfectly angled.
They are also completely customisable, allowing you to get the best look for your bedroom.
This could be mirrors, wood grain, beautifully coloured glass or even your
favourite image or design, making them totally bespoke,

Our interiors are just as personalised. Our team of carpenters will work with you to
come up with your ultimate fitted wardrobes so that the space organiser inside is custom-made for
your needs. So whether you’re the owner of multiple coats that need somewhere to hang up,
or hundreds of pairs of shoes, we can help you create somewhere to put them.

Let NOK Interiors Help You

If you’re considering fitted wardrobes in New Malden, you can contact Andrea and Will
at NOK Interiors to discuss your requirements and arrange for us to visit for your free, no-obligation estimate.
Once this is done, if you’re happy, we can design your bespoke wardrobes in more detail.

Simply call us on 020 3355 8536 or send us an Email.
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