Corner solutions – for your home

Interior design is limited by walls, unlike the options offered by raumplus systems, which are almost infinite. Smart corner solutions mean that our systems can continue seamlessly around the walls, making use of every last inch of space. Our goal is to allow you free rein to develop your ideas – so let’s work together to think outside the box when planning doors and interior systems! Do not hesitate and contact your expert in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England, and the historic county of Surrey.

Made by hand

Consulting, on-site service and customer proximity: These are some of the reasons why raumplus products cannot be purchased online. As a design manufactory, the company meets the highest standards in terms of traditional craftsmanship.

The finished product should also fit its owner one hundred percent.

Like a tailor-made suit that was made just for him.That is why we advise you on site in London area. This is followed by taking an exact measurement. Something that is also left to specialists. In this way you can be sure that the finished product will fit like a glove.

With experience, skill and precision to a unique piece

On the basis of this information, the personal room solution is finally manufactured by raumplus on site in Bremen. This is carried out by masters of their trade with exactly the experience, knowledge and skills needed to produce furniture that is unique. This is done by hand, supported by mechanical production at the latest technical level. In this way, millimetre by millimetre, individual unique pieces are created, which are then assembled just as professionally.

This requires a high degree of precision and comprehensive know-how, because the challenges during assembly are as unique as the product itself - the final step on the way to your very own raumplus unique piece.

Schedule your free consultation now. This can take place online or in the comfort of your home in Kingston Upon Thames or the surrounding area.

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